Safertec Project | Deliverables
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Deliverables reflect the SAFERtec project’s results. On this section visitors will have the opportunity to download the Public Deliverables (PU) as soon as they have been completed and officially released and the executive summary of the restricted (RE) ones.


Deliverable Number Deliverable Name Dissemination Level
D1.1 Internal Website and Collaborative Tool Public
D1.2 Risk and Quality Procedures Manual Public
D7.1 SAFERtec Dissemination and Exploitation Plan Public
D2.1 Connected Vehicle Use Cases and High Level Requirements Public
D7.2 SAFERtec Website Public
D7.3 Roadmap Automotive Assurance Frameworks – Beyond V2I Public
D4.1 Specifications of Connected Vehicle System Public
D2.2 Attack Modelling Public
D2.3 Vulnerability Analysis Public
D3.1 Analysis of Existing Assurance Methodologies and Tools Public
D7.4 SAFERtec Standardization Plan Public
D2.4 Security Controls and Protection Profiles Public
D4.2 Modules and Applications of Connected Vehicle Confidential
D4.3 Integration of Connected Vehicle System Confidential
D3.2 Quantification of  Trustworthiness Attributes and Definition of Assurance Levels of Connected Vehicle Public
D5.1 Comparative Analysis of Assurance Frameworks Public
D6.1 Reference Architecture of the Assurance Framework Toolkit Public
D5.2 Simulation Based Evaluation of SAFERtec Assurance Framework Public
D5.3 Extended Modules of the Connected Vehicle System Public
D6.2 Implementation of Assurance Framework Toolkit Public
D3.3 Results of SAFERtec Assurance Framework Testing Confidential
D5.4 Composite Evaluation of SAFERtec Assurance Framework Public
D6.3 Assurance Framework Toolkit Prototype [Video Demonstrator] [Documentation] Public
D7.5 Contribution, Extensions and/or Recommendation to Standard Public