Safertec Project | SAFERtec @ Symposium
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SAFERtec @ Symposium

SAFERtec @ Symposium

The H2020 TRUSSEC project partners have organized the Symposium that took place in Lille, France on the 12th of December 2018.

TRUESSEC mission is to identify the different criteria that could be used to assess trustworthiness of services by citizens from multi-disciplinary perspectives: sociological, cultural, legal, ethical, technological and business. The final goal is to make proposal for ETEL European Trust-Enhancing Label.

The symposium was a meeting with sister projects (TRUSSEC.EU, SAFERtec, VESSEDIA, ANASTACIA, C3ISPCANVAS, and EU-SEC) the TRUESSEC partners and the Advisory BoardTRUESSEC partners wanted to share findings, learn about the sister projects and network, to cross-pollinate across the projects and get the benefit of the collective experience. What they were looking for is an update on their project and review the sister’s projects (including SAFERtec) progress and findings. 

SAFERTec was presented by Oppida.

The presentation is available here.